fredag 31. januar 2014

Lazy blogger and 2 pairs of mittens

Not many finishes from me this month.
Only 2 pairs of mittens which I forgot to take pictures of.
But I have been working on some of my unfinished projects.

These fabrics are going to be covers for some baby duvets. Not much left to sew now.

Here are some strips for a challenge I have joined, I just have to cut them and sew them together again.
As you can see blue is still my no one colour.

I got these wonderful fabrics when I was at a meeting in my local quilt guild on Wednesday.

I have some very nice colleges and today when I came to work one of them had bought some flowers for me and one of the others. It really brightened my day.

We have got a lot of snow these past weeks and it is so bright and light outside, I'll show you a picture later. Have a nice week end.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hi--did you complete my challenge for 2013--I am thinking that you did???
    and as my first challenge this year for Jan. was a project in wool--do you want to be listed for the mittens???
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  2. Det alltid koselig å sy baby tepper! Da blir jeg glad :-)
    Flott med blomster og at noen tenker på akkurat deg !

  3. Well done for working on your UFOs. I have 3 but little progress on them. 2 are long standing UFOs so I need to deal with them this year. Beautiful roses! How thoughtful of your colleague.

  4. lovely post Annik-Snor.xx

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