torsdag 28. mars 2013

Snow, sun, wind, sun, snow, no wind ......

This is what the weather is like these days here in Lofoten. It changes all the time.

Lots of snow in the garden.

I hope you can see how big the snowflakes are.

I have joined the Crafts Olympics for 2013. Here are mittens I have cut and printed ready for sewing. With the weather we have, I know that mittens with fur will be very nice. I  just have to hurry sewing because the weather changes the whole time. I hope this will be my first UFO finish for the C.O.

A lot of snow when I look out the kitchen window.
I can also see many different birds; sparrows, seagulls in different sizes, crows, eagles, tits, magpies and  waxwings.

Happy Easter holiday to all of you.

søndag 10. mars 2013


I found these chairs in a shop nearby my home.

Not much sewing last week, some stitchery and curtains for my mother.

søndag 3. mars 2013

OPAM, SAL and visiting a quiltshop in Spain.

I had 6 OPAM finishes for February and 1 of them was the SAL for March.

This pincushion is designed by Anni Downs and you can find it in her book: Some Kind Of Wonderful.

Here is the lady running the quilt shop:Patchwork Benidorm in Benidorm.

And here are some pictures of her work and from her shop.

I did some small shopping since I was abroad.
PAnels to make a quilt with numbers for my grandchild and one fabric for the background.
I also bought a pattern for a big turtle.

As you perhaps know I have said I will not buy any fabrics until August ( I am going to Birmingham), but then I did not know I would be going to Spain for 4 days, so I made an exeption.