søndag 26. mai 2013

A new basket, lots of yarn, some finishes, a week in Venezia and a weekend in Lofoten.

Sometimes things just come all at a time.
Here is my SAL (Stitch Along) for May, I did not think I would make it but I did.

Here is my bag, it is white and will probably get dirty very quickly. Perhaps I should just put it on the wall the sooner, the better.

One of my favorite Italian dishes: Spaghetti Vongole.

A lot to do and see in Venice, glass art at Murano.

More outside glass art.

The floors outside St. Marcus Catheral.

I could walk for hours just watching the floors.

Photography was not allowed inside the chatedral. I think I was the only one who did not take pictures.
These were taken in the hallway.

I have bought a lot of yarn lately, there was a sale in an online shop here in Norway.
Today this basket almost fell in my head and I just had to buy it, it is huge about half a meter tall but on the picture it looks small. 
The blue yarn is from Italy.

You can walk and take boats for hours in Venice.
These two pictures are from Burano, famous for lace and colourful houses.

There was a lady sitting in a shop showing us how she made these items in lace.

Outside the St Marcus Cathedral you can see this lovely sculpture in porfyr The Tetrarcs probably figuring Diokletian, Maximianus, Galerius and Constantinus .

And finally a picture of my husband in the late afternoon on our National Day the 17th of May.