søndag 28. april 2013

Three small finishes

These three small finishes are for Di's challenge for March and April, kitchen items.
The pot holders are kitchen items, but you may wonder why the angel is?
That's because I have always called it "The kitchen God's wife".  I am a keen reader of Amy Tans books. I also want them to be part of the CO. One thimble for new and one for special.

This is an UFO I finished today. And I think it turned out very sweet.

These pot holders are sewn on triangle paper and I have only done it one time before.
This is why it is the thimble special.

I finished this pair on Tuesday and gave them to a friend. I hope the will be nice on cabin near the sea.
so all in all I am pleased with this weeks finishes.

lørdag 20. april 2013

Four finishes

My first finish is a quilt I made some years ago. I started hand quilting but I did not finish and Merete has machine quiltes it. I have finally made the binding and one of my UFOs is no longer an UFO but a big and nice finished quilt. And my first item in the Craft Olympics this year. The stars are handsewn on paper.

This is a BOM from Lappemakeriet some years ago and I have used some fabrics and coulors I normally don't use. I like it a lot and all my three daughters like it too

This is a tote bag designed by Nathalie Bird from her book Red Home.
I have made it for a friend, she will get it on her birthday.
It is machine sewn and his is an item for the CO called new.

This little heart is the result of a sew together on the net on the 8th of April.
It is also a new item for the CO and it is made in one fabric.
I have not decided what to do with it yet, perhaps I will give it away with the tote bag.

This is the item for the special category in CO.
It is knitted for a premature baby in Africa.

Spring has come to my area, the snow has melted and I am looking forward to warmer days. Have a nice weekend.