tirsdag 31. desember 2013

Happy New Year

My last chance in 2013 to say thanks to Chooky, both for hosting SSCS 
and for beeing my Secret Santa.

She sent me some lovely gifts.

A beautiful star to hang on the tree.

A beautiful bag and a table runner.
I was so happy, thanks again.

These are the gifts I sent for Shez.

An angel and a small wall hanging.

I wish all my followers and readers

 Happy New Year

onsdag 4. desember 2013

Mystery - julegåte 2013 av Merete Veian

I have finished to top on this years Christmas mystery by  Merete Veian and I am very pleased.
I like the pattern and I like the fabrics I have chosen.

I have divided the picture into two becsuse the table runner is quite log.

Now it´s only cutting, backing, quilting and binding left.
Yhanks a lot to Merete for a very nice mystery.

tirsdag 3. desember 2013

SSCS, mysteries, more socks and an Advent Calendar.

I have joined a Christmas swap for the first time.
It is called Santas Secret Christmas Swap and it is hosted by Chookyblue.
Today I received my gifts and they came from Chooky, she is my secret santa.

She has sent me lots of presents and I could open the samllest one today.

It was a beautiful little decoratipn: Thanks a lot, really looking forward to open the other ones on Christmas Eve, Chooky.

I have joined two mysteries these last days.
One is Bonnie Hunters.
It is called Celtic Solstice Mystery.
As you can see I have just started cutting.
92 fair, 92 orange and 188 X 2 blue. Still have some blue to cut.

The other is made by Merete Veian.

I think I am knitting more than sewing and here are my newest two pairs of socks.
One pair for my grandson and one pair for me.

Always nice with Advent Calendars and this one is from Kathrines Quilte Stue, my local quilt shop.