fredag 26. juli 2013

Two ufos done.

There is a challenge on FB, finish 5 ufos before you start something new.
I have now finished two, in fact I only have two ufos here, but a lot at home.
Here are my 2 ufos.

This started as a pillow, but it ended up as a small table cloth.

This is a quilt for a friend, she will get it tomorrow.
As you can see we have lovely weather here in Lofoten.
And I enjoyed sewing the binding in the sun.

søndag 21. juli 2013

One small finish

I have not many finishes to show, but I have made one more small bag.

I like Picassos drawing of this dog very much, so I have made a stitchery of it.
Have a nice Sunday

lørdag 13. juli 2013

Two for one or one for two?

Today I have finished my bag for the July challenge in the SAL.
This is also going to be an UFO in the Craft Olympics, ufo because I made the stitchery in January but did not finish the bag until now.

The Chilly Penguin Bag, designed by Natalie Bird.

I have knitted a dish cloth. 
There is a group on Facebook where we get a new pattern every week. 
And this is my first, there is a lot of ladies who have knitted 4 or 5 different.

søndag 7. juli 2013

Two years of blogging, some fabrics and more yarn.

Yesterday I had a kind of anniversary, 2 years of blogging. I posted my first blog on the 6th of July 2011. I have made many blog friends and I like blogging.
These last days have been filled with driving between my two houses, 1500 km to be exact, so I have not done much quilting.
But I have visited two quilt shops, Quiltegaarden in Trondheim, one of my favorite shops and one in Namdalen. I have also passed a couple of town without stopping in quilt shops.

Not easy to see, but this is some of the yarn I bought at Quiltegaarden.

Here is the fabrics too, I had planned not to buy any fabrics until I am going to Birmingham in August, but I really needed some blue for the Chilly Penguins Bag, the challenge for July in the SAL.

Here is a closer look at the Rowan yarn from Quiltegården.

If you look carefully you can see the stitchery for the Penguin Bag.

I have started knitting a jacket with the blue yarn, the brighter blue to the right is the start of a dish cloth.
And these three items; the stitchery and the two started knittings is all I have done so far in the Tour de Fibre on Facebook.

Sorry that the photos turned out so dark. 
Today has been a rather dark day with heavy winds.
Yesterday when I crossed one of the last bridges to get here the wind was blowing 19 m / s.

mandag 1. juli 2013

Baskets and yarn

On our trip to Bornholm we found a lot of baskets that just had to come home with us.
All are not mine, but I bought a lot of them. 
Some come from Finland and the rest from an African country.

Here is some of the yarn I bought. Merino wool, merino and silk and some hand dyed.

One of the hats I knitted in the car, it's a long drive to Ystad in the south of Sweden. 

We visited a very nice garden with, among others,  flowers in this huge basket.

This is how the seat on my bicycle felt after a few hours of cycling.