lørdag 21. september 2013

Class with Helen Stubbings

I was so lucky to be able to attend a class with Helen Stubbings from Hugs and kisses in the beginning of September. Time has passed with a lot of things to do so I have not had time to blog about it until now. A shop called Trådsnella in Lørenskog arranged it and I really enjoyed seeing Helens beautiful work and starting a sewing project.

Helen, telling about her work and what we are going to make.

Here is a picture of the piece we started.

A lovely big quilt with a lot of work, I know some of the ladies from the class are going to start it.


Helen had brought a lot of her designs to show us.

This is one of my favorites with huge clam shells.

Smaller items, very inspierering.

Beautiful small stitches in all of her works.

A lot of small useful items.

Helen in front of the clam shell quilt with the pin from my quilt guild.

Here is Helen with the small table cloth we started. I chose to make it in blue and I will show it to you later.

fredag 20. september 2013

Friends swap

I have joined a FRIENDS SWAP and I have got a new friend in New Zealand.
Yesterday I got a parcel filled with lots of lovely things.
The idea in the swap was that we should use the words in FRIENDS and find or make a gift for each letter. 

Here is the parcel and it was not stopped in Norwegian Customs.

The parcels were very nicely wrapped in silver paper with cute letters.

F for fabric, some very nice blue balis.

R for rainbow cottage, a beautiful book by Lynette Anderson.

I for inches. A measuring tape with inches and cm 3 m long.
I have never seen such a long measuring tape before.

E a very sweet embroidery friendship cushion with a roll to wrap the embroidery project in. Now my embroideries will not be so curly.

N a needlebook with a beautiful stitchery.

This is the inside in lovely blue colours and it is so big that I can have my stitchery and pattern in it..

D domes, daisy charm and dilly bag.

S scissors in a beautiful sewn case with a small cushion with the cutest embroidery on both sides.
As you can see Clare has made me some very beautiful gifts and she has made them herself.

Clare has got her presents from me so I will show you a picture of what I sent her.

 F aflowervase from Venice, R a handwoven rug, I inch mesuring, E embroidery thread, linnen and pattern, N needles and a pin from my Quilt Guild, D dark Norwegian chocolate, S a sewing project with small fabrics and clam shells.

I wrapped all the gifts in fabrics from Lynette Andersons design.

Thanks a lot to Khris who has hosted this swap.
It was really nice to be a part of it.

søndag 1. september 2013

Needle Book done.

I have finished a needle book using the pattern from Anni Downs book 
Some Kind of wonderful.
This was the last item in the SAL I have been joining since January.
Proud to say I have done all the projects we were supposed to do.
This will also be an entry in the CO under the category special.

I used the same range of fabric as in the Sewing Case in my last post.
It's called Indigo Crossing and is made by Moda.
On the inside I have used my husbands old shirt, as I did in the Sewing Case.

Now I must prepare fabrics for a lesson with Helen Stubbings on Wednesday, 
really looking forward to that.