lørdag 31. august 2013

Birmingham and 1 ufo

I had a great time at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. Here are some of the photos I took.

This was one of my favorite quilts.

Julie with her winning quilt.

Quilts made of Hungarian fabrics.

Very nice with holes. 

A quilt made by Djanne, my traveling blanket teacher.

Some of the small stuff I bought. most of it from Lynette Anderson. I also bought three of her books.
 I do not dare to show you all the fabrics I got.

Here is my Sewing Case, the SAL for August, it is also an entry in CO under the category new.
I have used some of the fabric from Birmingham.

A quilt for charity and and ufo in the CO .

fredag 2. august 2013

Birmingham, gift and one UFO

On Thursday I will be going to Birmingham for the festival of quilts. I am so looking forward to that. Are any of you going there? Perhaps we can meet?

I was very lucky and won a giveaway from Sylvia.
Here are pictures of the cute frog I won.
Thanks a lot, Sylvia.

And it's a measuring tape with the cutest little insect button in front.
My little grandson loves it and wants to play with it all the time. 
Thanks a lot, Sylvia.

Here is my latest ufo, it's a neck warmer for my grandson.

I have been drying some herbs this summer.
here I pictures of three of them, they all grow in gardens.

Løpstikke / lovage.

Koriander / coriander.

Bjørnerot. I could not find an English translation for this word.

Hope to see you in Birmingham.