mandag 24. oktober 2016

Drawstring bags.

For the first time I have made two drawstring bags.
They are for my husband to have in his car. Here he can put all bits and pieces he needs to have in his car.
I found a tutorial on a page called In Color Order, and it was great to follow.
Somehow I am not able to put in photos on the page. I have to put it on the side bar first.
So these will only be on the side

onsdag 12. oktober 2016

Magic loop

When I am in Lofoten one of the things I am knitting is two socks in a magic loop.
I have to put the picture in the side bar to get it here. There is something I have  forgotten. Perhaps it is easier on a pc or a mac.

You can to to utube and find To pinner. They have a great explanation. I found it today.

tirsdag 11. oktober 2016

Back in blogging.

Long time and no blogging.
Sometimes life is busy and things are put on waiting.
I have been sewing, knitting and weaving a lot.
The top picture shows my sew together diva made on a course this autumn.
I have also made two wallets. But I can't get them up right now.