tirsdag 12. november 2013

It's been a while...

I have been a lazy blogger lately, almost two months gone.
I have not done much sewing but some knitting.
4 pairs and 3 "half-pairs".

This pair is called "Theas fiskesokker" and they are designed by Bitta Mikkelborg.

Starboard and larboard, same designer. This was a knit-along in a group on Facebook 
and we got the clues 4 Fridays in a row.

We had a day with courses in my quiltguild and I made 2 items.

The cup holder turned out nice and I have already used it.

A small angel hanging on my kitchen wall.

Some stitcheries I am working on.

Birds of the bay designed by hugs'n kisses,

and some small items for Christmas decorations by Anni Downs.

The Starbord and larboard socks and the cup holder will be my entries for 2 new projects in the 
Craft Olympics.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Det var en söt liten muggväska som Du sytt, tycker jag. En kul ide´!


  2. Så mye fint du har strikka/sydd!

  3. Great socks, so much more interesting to knit than plain ones. I love your little kitchen angel!

  4. Her er det da mye spennende å se, Annik, så flotte sokker og tekopp holder. Hyggelig at du er litt tilbake:-)

  5. I love your little angel, and I saw the one you sent to Shez. Do you know where I might find the pattern?