torsdag 28. mars 2013

Snow, sun, wind, sun, snow, no wind ......

This is what the weather is like these days here in Lofoten. It changes all the time.

Lots of snow in the garden.

I hope you can see how big the snowflakes are.

I have joined the Crafts Olympics for 2013. Here are mittens I have cut and printed ready for sewing. With the weather we have, I know that mittens with fur will be very nice. I  just have to hurry sewing because the weather changes the whole time. I hope this will be my first UFO finish for the C.O.

A lot of snow when I look out the kitchen window.
I can also see many different birds; sparrows, seagulls in different sizes, crows, eagles, tits, magpies and  waxwings.

Happy Easter holiday to all of you.

3 kommentarer:

  1. We too have still snow but also sunshine. You have some very special birds there. Happy Easter!

  2. Oj, så mye sne da! Ønsker deg en god påske, Annik, and Happy Sewing :-)

  3. I too have signed up for the Olympics! Such fun! Yes like you I am fed up of Winter. I have lost count of the shades of grey I have seen. I am ready for Spring flowers.