søndag 28. april 2013

Three small finishes

These three small finishes are for Di's challenge for March and April, kitchen items.
The pot holders are kitchen items, but you may wonder why the angel is?
That's because I have always called it "The kitchen God's wife".  I am a keen reader of Amy Tans books. I also want them to be part of the CO. One thimble for new and one for special.

This is an UFO I finished today. And I think it turned out very sweet.

These pot holders are sewn on triangle paper and I have only done it one time before.
This is why it is the thimble special.

I finished this pair on Tuesday and gave them to a friend. I hope the will be nice on cabin near the sea.
so all in all I am pleased with this weeks finishes.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Det tyget med fiskar på som Du sytt grytlapparna av är gulligt, tycker jag.


  2. Du er flink med finishar!! Likar kjempegodt det åttebladteppet du har i headingen din! Nydeleg.

  3. Lovely progress with the CO Annik. The angel is sweet. I think everyone ought to have an angel in the kitchen. I know I need something to help my bread (even in a breadmaker) not to resemble a brick!

    Cute pot grabs perfect fabrics for a sea location.

  4. What pretty potholders! :0)

  5. ohh--how pretty those are--I just love angels--and those potholders are different in the fish fabric--
    thanks for working on them--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  6. Flott Annik, så søte grytekluter, du greidde begge utfordningene:-)