fredag 26. juli 2013

Two ufos done.

There is a challenge on FB, finish 5 ufos before you start something new.
I have now finished two, in fact I only have two ufos here, but a lot at home.
Here are my 2 ufos.

This started as a pillow, but it ended up as a small table cloth.

This is a quilt for a friend, she will get it tomorrow.
As you can see we have lovely weather here in Lofoten.
And I enjoyed sewing the binding in the sun.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Change of plans is sometimes for the best! Beautiful colours in the quilt, and very nice quilting.

  2. Jag blev så förtjust i hur Du quiltat täcket som Du fotograferat på marken. Det ser så vackert ut med "de mjuka svängarna" i quiltningen, tycker jag.


  3. Your friend will adore the quilt in warm Autumn colours. What a great idea to change a purpose. If you weren't inspired to finish it one way, then it is a great idea to do what you are inspired to do.